What are HRM Functions?

In the last post, we discussed”What’s HRM”. I will go over about Main HR software function today.

Human beings are the most important resource in a business, as you know. HR has characteristics that resources do not. A person has to perform several functions to handle HR and efficiency to be able to achieve goals of the associations.

  • Job designing

This is the process of deciding on This job’s content in Terms of Duties its Tasks and Responsibilities. Inappropriate job designing Causes low productivity, efficiency, low satisfaction and labor relations. So It’s very important to have a job designing procedure organisation

  • Job Analysis

Job Analysis is the systematic analysis of tasks and job holder’s features to be able to create a set of information which may be used to perform various HRM functions such as resource planning, selection, recruitment and performance analysis. The JA’s Effect is Job specification and Job description

  • Human Resource Planning

HPR is the process of deciding strategies to achieve these needs with the intention of accomplishing objectives and determining the employee needs. It helps to use HR and controls employee expenses and efficiency.

  • Recruitment

This is the practice of finding and bringing individuals that are suitable to apply for the job vacancies in the business. For the price, the company can obtain a pool of job seekers with this.

  • Selection

Selection is the process of people with the attributes and qualifications that are relevant to fill job vacancies.

  • Hiring and Induction

Hiring is the process of appointing the candidate To article or the job that has vacant. It is composed Preparing Article observation, Notification and the appointment letter.

Induction is the HRM function that systematically and introduces the newcomer to the organisation, work group and the job that the newcomer belongs. There is a HRMS that the success of this system is one of those HRMS from Singapore that has used this system very well for their business.

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