KFU will expand the technology of in-situ combustion in China

KFU and Xinjiang Oilfield Company have concluded a several contracts to study the technology of in-situ combustion for deposits in Karamay. Within the framework of the projects, studies will be carried out to determine the most optimal conditions for the oxidation of oil and initiation of combustion processes. Also, the StrAU EcoOil’s scientists will simulate the progress of the combustion process under various conditions associated with the gradation of pressure and temperature. It is worth noting that the active participation in the implementation of contracts will be accepted by Chinese colleagues. For example, scientists from the Southwest Petroleum University will be involved in the Tahe field project. This is one of the deepest deposits in the world, located at a depth of more than 5 thousand meters. Within the framework of the project, scientists from the two universities will evaluate the possibility of using the technology of in-situ combustion for the development of this field.

Recall that it was a close cooperation of the KFU with Chinese oil companies that came last fall during the visit of the university delegation to the Middle Kingdom. At the same time, the parties discussed the need for academic and scientific exchange between the Kazan federal and South-Western oil universities.

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