Scientific Program

Scientific program of international workshop will include plenary and keynote lectures by well-known professionals from the world-leading institutes and companies devoted to the laboratory testing, modeling and simulation as well as field applications of Thermal Methods for Enhanced Oil Recovery. Each participant is welcome to present oral (15 minutes) or poster (A0) presentation on our event. The maximum amount of presented report from one person should be no more than two.


Authors are invited to submit contributions in the next areas devoted to the investigation, development and application of Thermal Methods for Enhanced Oil Recovery:

  • In-situ Combustion (wet and dry combustion)
  • High Pressure Air Injection (HPAI)
  • Flue Gas EOR
  • Steam Flooding
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD), including solvent-aided and reagent-aided processes
  • Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS)
  • Solar EOR
  • Electromagnetic Heating EOR
  • Catalytic Compositions for In-Situ Oil Upgrading (development, characterization and usage of different catalysts for pyrolysis, oxidation, hydrocracking, aquathermolysis of fossil fuels)
  • Geocatalysis
  • Laboratory Tools for Studying of Thermal EOR
  • New Equipment for Testing and Field Application of Thermal EOR
  • Kinetic Studies of In-Situ Chemical Processes
  • Thermochemistry of In-Situ Chemical Processes
  • Modeling and Simulation of Thermal EOR, including development of new software
  • Production of Unconventional Resources (tight oil, shale oil, tar sands, etc.)
  • EOR Field Applications
  • Ecological Impact of Thermal EOR.