Excursion to Kazan for participants of training courses – Monday, 19 June

View on Kazan Kremlin

Agriculturist Palace

Puppet Theatre

View of the Freedom Square and the Opera and ballet theatre

Excursion to the Ashal’cha oilfield of heavy oil and natural bitumen or to the Permian deposits of the Volga-Ural region – Tuesday, 20 June

Samples of oil from the Ashalchinskiy field

The horizontal steam injection well

Tatneft Company, executive office

Map of natural bitumen deposits, RT

Permian sediments, Pechischi

Monastery Ravine section

Sentyak, shallow marine and continental Kazan deposits

Welcome Reception - Wednesday, 21 June

The hospitality of the Republic of Tatarstan

Conference Dinner – Thursday, 22 June

Gala dinner

Traditional dishes RT

Excursion to the ancient city of Bolgar by ship (Museum-Reserve) - Saturday, 24 June

White Mosque, the Great Bolgar

Ship «Geologist»